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February 5, 2011

Irrefutable Facts About Jesus’ Life

So what exactly did Jesus do/inspire during his time on earth?  In 1985, E.P. Sanders identified “almost indisputable facts” of Jesus’ life within his book “Jesus and Judaism.” The following is a list of what he considered facts about Jesus.  Moreover, most scholars seem to agree. 
  1. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist
  2. Jesus was a Galilean who preached and healed
  3. Jesus called disciples and spoke of their being twelve
  4. Jesus confined his activity to Israel
  5. Jesus engaged in a controversy about the temple
  6. Jesus was crucified outside Jerusalem by the Roman authorities
  7. After his death Jesus’ followers continued as an identifiable movement
  8. At least some Jews persecuted at least parts of the new movement (Gal. 1.13, 22; Phil. 3.6), and it appears that this persecution endured at least to a time near the end of Paul’s career (II Cor. 11:24; Gal. 5.11; 6.12; cf. Matt. 23.3; 10.17)
Sanders asserts that Jesus was not a contradistinction to Judaism, but rather a product of the context within which he was raised.  The book exams these “facts” to better understand Jesus as a Jew.  Interesting reading.

“Jesus and Judaism” by EP Sanders


  1. i am looking fo facts about jesus's life for my homework and this page helped a lot really. though i still dont know if jesus is real or not help me out i dont know what to believe