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February 11, 2011

How to Meet the Pope

Let’s say you’re planning a trip to the Vatican and you would like to meet the Pope. The most feasible option is to request a general audience, since private audiences are reserved for heads of state. Here are a few things to keep in mind while preparing your visit.

What is a general audience - General audiences with the Pope take place on every Wednesday morning at 10:30 am. The location for the event varies - St. Peter’s square, the Paul VI Hall, or St. Peter’s Basilica are possibilities. During the summer, audiences may also be held at Castel Gandolfo. This is a by-invitation-only event with very limited seating. Attending this sort of event is open to all Christians, but arrangement must be made two to ten weeks in advance.

How to request tickets - there are several options. By mail, you may write to the Pontifical Household at:
Prefettura della Casa Pontificia,
Palazzo Apostolico,
Vatican City State

Or you may contact the U.S. Bishops’ Office for Visitors to the Vatican:
Casa Santa Maria
Via dell’Umiltá
30, 00187 Rome, Italy
fax: (39) 06690011
Online, you may request tickets through the Church of Santa Susanna, which is the American Catholic Church in Rome.

Dress code - Conservative dress is required. Dark colored clothing is common. No shorts or tank tops are allowed. Woman must cover their shoulders. Most men wear business suits while woman wear formal dresses.

On the day of the event - If you have not been assigned a reserved seat, you will want to arrive early. Aisle seats with a view of the alter are best.

Tips - You may get better seating as a newlywed couple (within 8 weeks of your wedding date), particularly if you show up in wedding attire. Ask for a newlywed ticket and make sure you bring your partner and Catholic wedding certificate.

Other opportunities to see the Pope - the Sunday Angelus is presided over by the Pope. It is held at noon in St. Peter’s Square.


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  1. Going on a cruise holiday in june wld love t meet the pope