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November 17, 2010

First things, first

Since this is my first post I thought I'd include a general introduction/disclaimer qualifying the statements I intend to include on this site.  First and foremost, I’m not a religious scholar.  I went to public schools all the way through graduate school.  None of my college classes were in religion.  That being said, I am a cradle Catholic.  Throughout my childhood and again now that I have children; I have attended mass essentially every week.  I took some time off from the Church in college.  Still when you add up all the hours I have spent in Church it equals, well, a lot.  I do not agree with the Catholic Church in all matters.  I probably wouldn’t even describe myself as religious.  I do not believe faith should be blind, but rather, that it should be challenged in order to evolve and stay relevant.  I am particularly fascinated with the historical, sociological, and sacramental aspects of the Catholic faith.  I have read, and will continue to read, a vast library of books related to the Catholic faith.  The research and knowledge I have gained from this literature will serve as the backbone for the information I present on this site.  And I'll include sources in case you would like to research any particular topic further.

I currently run a Catholic gifts e-commerce site called All Sacraments Gifts.  I am creating this blog in large part to complement that site, and fill in any information gaps about Catholicism beliefs that I think are interesting and topically relevant.  Each post I publish on this blog will be a topic that is meant to increase overall comprehension of the Catholic faith.

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